Water water everywhere!

What is it about taking a shower? Why is it so relaxing? Why is it that without a doubt, most of my best thinking comes when I'm in the shower. Is it the absence of externalities? The removal from every day life? It's probably a combination of all those things and more. Whatever it may be, this post is dedicated to you shower. May you relax and stimulate for many years to come.



You did it again. Amazing.


Right Now.

There comes a time in everyone's life when the question mark fades. The question becomes a statement and you figure out what life might have in store for you. Confidence replaces doubt, good conquers evil, and all is right with the world. I finally think I've figured it out. Have you?



Mario Kart 64. Originally released February 27, 1997. For a select few, 10 years and 2 gaming generations later, it still entertains. For hours and hours and hours. Why is this? Is it the simple gameplay? The childish innocence of Mario and his collection of cohorts? The ties to a childhood long past? It could be any one of those things, or for other reasons that may elude me at this moment. Either way, it's sort of a fascinating look into a subsection of my generation, those who grew up with nintendo, those who left it behind long ago, and those who cling as if it were a part of life that should never be forgotten.


It's my spot, dammit.

I say, if you went through the trouble of digging out your car from the snow storm, then the spot should be considered exclusively yours for the remainder of the school year. If you never even bothered to dig out your car in the first place, it should be towed, compacted, and turned into artistic silverware.

Because there's more to me then advertising

I'm bored. Updates to ADDicted arn't coming fast enough, so I decided to make a new blog. This blog won't have much to do with advertising, but will instead be an open forum for me to write freely about anything of interest to me. Tune in, subscribe, and be sure to comment because this promises to be anything but boring.