I hate it, but I've gotta admit, it's genius.

I'm sitting here at my girlfriend's house in Jersey, watching the American Idol finale (not my choice), and I can't help but be amazed at the pure genius of it. FOX found a way to turn a simple game show winner announcement into a 2 hour extravaganza where they make $3,452,344,234,134,623,623,462,334.45 by selling advertising. I hate Idol, mostly because I'm not the biggest fan of pop music, but I am very very impressed. Idol and FOX sure know how to string an audience.


I want a flying car.

Whatever happened to the flying car? It was a good idea...sure beats spending hours in traffic. Imagine sitting bumper to bumper on the highway, and instead of banging your head on the steering wheel in frustration, pushing a button and flying the rest of the way home. How nice would the world be then?


I've been living under a rock...

Finally got around to seeing the first two Harry Potter films. Really good. I should have gotten over my anti-harry potterness much sooner. Now onto the next two!


Lets go to the movies! (Or maybe not)

*baby cries*
*noisy chatter*

Why does anyone still go to the theatre to see a movie anymore? Aside from all the in-movie distractions, you have to pay high prices, wait in line, commute, and sit in mostly uncomfortable seats.

Now that I think about it, I can see why theatre attendance has been steadily declining for the past several years.

Personally, except for those must see movies (and even then its debatable) I'd rather enjoy a movie in the comfort of my home, where I dont have to deal with distractions, rentals are $15 a month, and popcorn averages to less then $1 a serving.