My girlfriend tells me that my blog misses me. I guess it has been a few days since my last post. I've been busy, went to Vermont for one weekend, back home to Massachusetts for another. I got to toss around the football with my dad over the weekend, and that was fun. Made me nostalgic for times gone by, and honestly, times I'll never get to repeat. I have 7 months left until I graduate, and then its off to my adult life. It's bittersweet to think that I won't be spending large chucks of time at home anymore. C'est la vie I suppose. I'm ready, and I'm excited. Now only if I could find that perfect job...


Time Limit

Sometimes, I think baseball needs a time limit. Important Sox games seem to always be marathon affairs.


Fizzy Yellow Beer

Does anyone drink Keystone because they actually enjoy the taste?


Cream Cheese

So I went to one of the local bagel shops last night with my girlfriend. We each got a bagel with cream cheese. Upon receiving our bagels, we sat down, and unwrapped them to find they had been smothered with at least a full pound of cream cheese per side. Why is this necessary? Does anyone actually eat all that cream cheese? We of course had to scrape our bagels down to edible levels of cream cheese, it felt like such a waste.

Just an idea, for all you people who dream of opening up a bagel shop one day... use NORMAL amounts of cream cheese on your bagels. Charge extra if someone wants a pound per side. You'll probably be surprised at how much money you save.


Test explained

So my previous post, "Test" is a copy of my new brewery logo. Kuchenchef is German for "god of cooks" and while I'm not quite a god of cooks yet, I do enjoy cooking, and I like how the name and the logo turned out. Maybe one day you'll be able to buy bottles of Kuchenchef brew at your local beer store!