"Hey Tony!"

So I wen't out to dinner with my girlfriend and her mom in Asbury Park, NJ.  The restaurant is called "Jimmy's", and the place's speciality is Italian food.  We ate in the "back room" which, according to someone who works there, was at one point a meeting location for local mobsters.  The restaraunt itself used to be a front for the mob, until the owner died and his wife took over.  Of course, while you're eating there that fact shoudn't surprise you, the place looks like it's straight out of Goodfellas, or The Godfather.  Maybe even the Sopranos.  Going in, I had hopes of networking with a dining mobster.  After all, I have logged quite a few hours playing the Godfather video game, so I know a few of the ins and outs of the family business.  But alas, I was unsuccessful, and will have to put my mobster dreams on the shelf for a few more years.


Random purchase of my lifetime

I went to a benefit auction tonight for the local history center (good job Alyssa and Park Scholars!) and made the most random purchase of my life! Arnold Schwarzenegger's face prosthesis from the movie End of Days. While the movie pretty much sucked, it's cool to have this unique piece of film memorabilia!


I could pose as his double, right?


time travel

I've decided I want to travel through time. Skip the rest of this semester, head straight to my San Fran trip, skip next semester, go to Maui, then start my wonderful, interesting, and high paying job. Anyone got a time machine handy?


My blog still misses me

I know, I know. Been too long since my last post. I've been real busy with school and life, lots of papers due, plus my impending job search of doom. I recently put together a list of the top 20 companies I'd like to work for, and why, so I figured I'd post that here, and that can sort of count as a post, right?

1. Google
This company knows what they’re doing. It also helps that they know how to treat their employees. They got #1 on the Fortune list for a reason. Tuition reimbursement is great, could get an advanced degree. Boston and Washington D.C. Locations a plus. International offices a plus. Plethora of employee benefits a MAJOR plus. A company I’d be stupid to turn down. Advertising Sales or Marketing

2. Wieden + Kennedy
Probably have one of my favorite client lists of any of the agencies on my list. Love the work they do for ESPN. Like the recent campaigns for Coke. Creativity seems to be a top priority at this agency.

3. Hill | Holliday
Recent campaigns for Dunkin’ Donuts are some of my favorite ads of all time, rate up there with the Mac vs. PC ads. One of the reasons I became interested in advertising. Boston headquarters a plus.

As a sports fan, this is another dream job, and I know I’m throwing around the “dream job” terminology a lot, but this qualifies. I’d love to work marketing for a broadcast/cable channel, and ESPN would keep me interested and motivated. Love the benefits. Love the on site, free gym for employees at the Bristol location.

5. Arnold Worldwide
Great client list. Would love to get a shot to do something with Amtrak and ESPN. Multiple offices a plus. Seems like they have the right attitude and right outlook when it comes to advertising. Like the brand truth idea.

6. Ogilvy
The agency is a classic. Would be a dream to work for, if only I didn’t have to live in NYC. I think I could learn a lot from this company. Worldwide locations is appealing, hope to work in a foreign market one day

7. TBWA \ Chiat \ Day
Love their creative work. Especially on the Apple ads. Mac vs. PC has to be one of my favorite campaigns, and another one of the reasons I became interested in advertising. Downside is that I’d have to live in LA for the better accounts.

8. Saatchi & Saatchi
I read Lovemarks last year. Thought Kevin Roberts was right on the money. In order for a brand to achieve high levels of success these days, you really need to find ways to form a deep emotional connection with the customer. Worldwide offices a plus. Good list of clients. Some large, some small. I’d get a chance to work on a variety of projects which is a huge plus. I can’t get stuck doing one thing forever.

9. Leo Burnett
Another classic, feel like I could learn much from this company. I like that they have some big name clients like McDonalds and Visa. I think I would benefit from working on large accounts like those. The challenges would be very interesting. Also like that they have worldwide offices.

10. Apple
Big fan of the products. But who isn't these days? Working in the marketing department would be a dream come true. Worldwide offices a plus. Biggest downside is moving to California. Not sure if I want to do that just yet.

11. Red Sox
It’s probably a bit unrealistic, but it’d be my #1 dream job to work in the marketing department for the Red Sox. Not sure how I would get myself into that, but if the opportunity ever presented itself, I could never turn it down.

12a. MLB
Group this into the Red Sox/ESPN category.

12b. NFL
Same as above.

13. Sam Adams
A break from the ad agencies. I really enjoy fine wine and fine beer, and would love to do marketing for a brewery or a winery. Sam Adams is one of the instrumental breweries in the craft/micro brew movement. Seem to have a fun company culture. Plus they’re from my home state.

14. JWT
They seem to have a good read on current and breaking market trends. This separates them from other agencies. I like that. Client list is OK. Multiple offices a plus. International also a plus.

15. Magic Hat
Another brewery I’d like to work for. Toured the factory, seems like it’d be a fun place to work. With plans to expand distribution nationally, things can only get better.

16. Avenue A | Razorfish
Boston offices a plus. Like that they take an integrated approach to what they do. My skills could be a good fit here. Would like to do work in the internet realm. Lack of internet skills like web design a question.

17. Adworks
Love the “us against them, small agencies rock” attitude. The candy emporium is a cool idea. Seems like it would be a great place to get my feet wet in the industry. I think I’d be involved in more aspects of the process then at a larger agency, which I like. DC HQ a plus, as are international offices.

18. DDB
Like some of the creative work. Especially on Phillips Norelco body groom shaver and Monopoly Here & Now. DDB University a big plus, always looking to expand my skills and knowledge. Chicago and worldwide offices also a plus.

19. Draft FCB
Long list of clients means I would have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. Worldwide offices a plus. Offices in Chicago a plus. Creative work is OK. Seems like they take care of their employees. Might be a good company to work for.

20. Brand Content
Small Boston based agency. Ability to have larger role in the process a plus.

Honorable mentions:
White + Partners