Do I take a week long vacation with my girlfriend in San Francisco (when hotel and airfare are being paid by someone more generous then myself), or do I stay home for the entirety of winter break and work work work?

It doesn't seem like a tough decision, but when you're being pressured by your mother, it becomes one.

She wants me to stay at home and work. My parents are ready to dump a lot of bills on me when I graduate, and she thinks I'll need the extra money to pay for those. It is fair I suppose. They have been paying for my overpriced education for four years after all. But still, can't I get at least a little settled before I have to deal with the "real world" reality of bill after bill after bill? And can't I enjoy college before heading off for a 50 year tour of the working life?

The way I see it is I only live once. I have 60-70 years to experience as much of life as I possibly can. So why shouldn't I take a week when I have free time in college to cross another item off of my list? Especially when most of the expenses are being taken care of for me?

So do I disappoint the parents, or live life like I want to?

Argh. Life can be annoying sometimes.


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